Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Feedback on Improving my Blog...

John Newton provided thoughtful feedback on how I can improve my blog. There were two points that I am still attempting to figure out how to do better. John states that I should present use cases to actually build product. The reason this is difficult is that I haven't figured out how to not hurt myself by sharing information. For example, if I share information and it becomes part of an existing product I own, then all is well. However, if it becomes another SKU then I have done financial harm. If others can tell me how not to hurt myself in this regard, then I will most certainly step it up.

Generally speaking, I love to provide feedback to Microsoft as their feedback as always managed to make it into the upgrade path without causing me to have to resell it internally for funding purposes once implemented. I can't say the same for most other vendors. Are their tips for getting vendors to not create yet another product?

John also commented that blogging may be a more potent form of user advisory board. How about trying a user-led versus vendor-led advisory board organized through the blogosphere. In thinking about this, it feels like a win-lose situation. At some level advisory board members are compensated in terms of equity ownership where your suggestion removes this out of the equation. I can also tell you that I actually tried to organize a user-community of ten different Fortune enterprises to submit security use-cases to a particular ECM vendor (name intentionally withheld) where we all got on the phone at the same time and agreed to amplify each others sentiments. The call had folks from Pfizer, AIG, AllState, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Home Depot, Credit Suisse and others.

Of course all of these names are well recognized and are paying customers yet their requirements were still ignored. So, what should a community do when vendors ignore the requirements of their customers especially when they are security related? I respect those who take time out of their busy lifes to read my blog and want to serve them better but need their assistance and more importantly wisdom to point me in a better direction. Help me, so I can help you...

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