Monday, January 07, 2008


Stellent 1, Documentum 0

Awhile back, Bex Huff wrote about ECM systems Storing Content, not users where Laurence Hart responded and Craig Randall avoided the conversation. I figured I would ask a different question in hopes that someone in the blogosphere may know the answer...

An associate of mines had an interesting problem where they were attempting to find APIs where they could add/remove users one at a time but had zero luck. They didn't want to go down the rathole of LDAP synchronization since it wouldn't work in this situation, nor did they want to put a human in the middle to do so via GUI. They desire a way to add/remove users programatically either via DFC and/or DFS. Does anyone know of a way to pull this off?

I wonder if Johnny, Chuck or Apoorv has any insight? I wonder if Brian Huff or Billy Cripe have their own thoughts?

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