Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Links for 2008-01-30

  • The war for talent is over...
    I wonder if any HR folks actually read blogs?

  • Outsourcing - no so hot
    Good to see a balanced perspective. This blogger doesn't seem to be afraid to admit that he is Christian which is refreshing.

  • Documentum vs Open Source
    The question was asked whether open source provide the same level of service and support as Documentum which the answer should be No! Have you ever noticed how Documentum folks are forced to support themselves? Ever notice Documentum employees such as Craig Randall deeply participating in the solutions and challenges that customer bloggers face?

  • The advantage of being non-Agile
    I really get annoyed when project managers don't understand that the definition of light vs heavy doesn't matter and it is more about choosing the lightest way possible...

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