Friday, January 18, 2008


Links for 2008-01-18

  • Ruby, Rails and Risk
    Kinda interesting that the Ruby on Rails community hasn't yet embraced secure coding practices and think more like Microsoft in the early days by focusing solely on features.

  • Business Analysts Body of Knowledge
    Everyone has a body of knowledge nowadays except for Enterprise Architects and CIOs. I wonder if the problem is that this demographic doesn't actually have anything to document?

  • Cures for complexity lacking
    Good to see that folks understand that good governance doesn't actually reduce complexity.

  • The importance of reference architecture
    Reference architectures are crucial tools that allow organisations to reduce the cost and time to implement technology solutions. In typical software projects a large amount of time is spent exploring technology options and assessing the appropriateness of solutions. This is where reference architecture provides the most value.

  • The role of patterns in Enterprise Architecture
    Governance is important but reusable patterns are more important.

  • Agility as a hiring strategy
    An agile organization is different. An employee who flourishes in an agile organization is different. The techniques for finding and retaining agile employees are different...

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