Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Links for 2008-01-02

  • Do Indian Outsourcers Misuse the H-1B Visa Programs?
    Hillary Clinton openly supports loss of American jobs and that is why folks will elect her.

  • O-Flying-Insect
    An interesting take on OWASP

  • Do we really need an IT security industry?
    Schneier knows that security cannot be viewed only in terms of vulnerabilities of buggy software and insecure servers. As long as people have valuable assets that are attacked by competitors, criminals and terrorists, there will be a market for security countermeasures.

  • Encryption Passphrase protected by the 5th amendment
    A federal judge in Vermont has ruled that prosecutors can't force the defendant to divulge his PGP passphrase. The ruling was given on the basis that the passphrase is protected under the 5th amendment to the United States Constitution (protection against self-incrimination)...

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