Friday, January 04, 2008


Enterprise Architecture: Does Indian Outsourcing cause a Borgification of the Enterprise...

Have you noticed companies whose management team seems to recognize no shades of gray in talent or experience for non-managers and non-team leads? I'd like to think that even more than shades of gray in software architecture and development and that there is a vertical career path that could parallel management without having to go through management...

How come architects who are passionate about their careers, unless they are from fill-in-the-blank insulting firms, in many enterprises can't rise to higher levels of the organization?

Is savage consistency (borgification) really that important? Should we all control the message, use the same PowerPoint templates and spend time focusing on efforts to use process as a substitute for competence by pursuing PMI and CMMi because outsourcing firms think it is the right thing to do?

Have you noticed the trend where diversity no longer matters? Of course, in order to not make it matter you have to change the definition to where you aren't measuring it along the lines of gender, religion or ethnic origin and instead call everything in sight diversity.

Does your enterprise employ Bell Curve Compensation? Have we acknowledged that this mindset encourages underachievement?

I wonder what would happen if you had enough courage to ask your IT executives in a public setting, the following questions?

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