Wednesday, January 30, 2008



I've been BlogTagged by Billy Cripe of Oracle to write eight things that you may not know about me and then to tag eight others to do the same. It started here.

Here we go:


1. met my wife in Kentucky Fried Chicken. I ordered a two-piece and she was eating a drumstick and fries.

2. prefer food that is either Kosher and/or Halal and definitely organic.

3. was first suspended in sixth grade for chasing down a kid who threw a ball at me (Hi Eric)

4. am a member of the NRA. My weapon of choice is an EEA Witness 45 loaded with Federal Hydrashoks. My wife has a Colt 38 Detectives Model loaded with Black Rhinos.

5. have one of the most diverse families on the planet that comprises white, black, hispanic, Chinese, Indian, Native American. Likewise, in my family we have Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism represented. At family reunions I offend all members equally.

6. am the son of a model. My Dad in his early days used to model spacesuits. One of the suits he modeled was worn by astronauts on the moon.

7. live in a digital world yet I still remain analog. I don't own an iPod, Blackberry or even cell phone. I still listen to vinyl on my Technics turntable at home and have a cassette deck in my Ford Explorer. I don't have cable TV nor satellite. The only channel we watch is PBS.

8. am religious and believe that regardless of your belief in Judaism, Christianity or Islam that there is just but One God to whom all praise is due. For those who don't align to these faiths, if I ran for president, I would make it law that those folks should receive the gasface by those in their presence...

I now BlogTAG: Sameer Tyagi, John Newton, Nick Malik, Taran Rampersad, Alex Fletcher, Bob Blakely, Pat Patterson and Gunnar Peterson...

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