Saturday, December 22, 2007


Why do we hate process so much anyways?

A critical analysis of a blog entry by Mike Kavis is in order...

Mike asked the question: why do we hate process so much anyways? which the answer is simple. No one hates process, everyone hates bad processes.

Architecture always exist regardless of whether it was documented or even acknowledged. Likewise, I bet that while no standards where documented, you were alot more rigorous to the ones you held in your own head and didn't deviate creating standards that are defacto which isn't a bad thing.
I wonder if it was a lack of process or a lack of either an architecture that worked across silos as well as no one who ensured conceptual integrity across them (aka Chief Architect)?
Hybrid approaches are a sign of a mental disorder. If you allow everyone to heist their legs and add their own unique smell, then you will loose conceptual integrity and at best achieve mediocrity. You should encourage others to standard for principles over processes as well.
I hope you realize that you made a massive mistake by having such long intervals. Have you ever heard of daily builds and the Agile Manifesto? 12 weeks is a very long time to get way off track.
You should measure process based on quantity but also result. Many enterprises rollout processes without figuring out their ROI and more importantly if it does achieve an ROI, they don't attempt to make it lighterweight over time to make the ROI even higher.
Yes, it is the job of every employee to have the vested interests of their employer in mind and you should make it your duty to ensure that outsourcing works. The key thing though is that failure sometimes is also the right answer.
Agilists would consider communication as one of those people things and not through it into the tools category. In terms of tools though, I wonder if Mike Kavis is allowing his outsourcing firm to deliver insecure software or was he wise enough to ask them to write code securely by standards such as the OWASP Top Ten?

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