Monday, December 31, 2007


Software Vendors and Conference Sponsorship

I find it intriguing that many software vendors spend $10K or even more to have a booth at an industry analyst conference or for other events when there are ways to attract influencers for a lot cheaper...

Many folks will spend 15K or more to get an audience with leading CISOs, CTOs and Enterprise Architects in order to pitch their value proposition. The funny thing is that as an enterprise architect who knows hundreds of others, this feels wasteful at many levels.

I wonder why more vendors haven't already approached me sponsoring the local Hartford Chapter of OWASP who will have planned for the first meeting over 200 attendees.

In looking at the various promotional items, I realized that a budget of $500 can go pretty far. It can purchase 200 Cinnamon Mint Tins, 80 Multi-tools, 100 Coffee Mugs or even 80 Aromatherapy Candles in a mug.

Sponsoring local user groups feels like a better value proposition. What am I missing?

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