Wednesday, December 12, 2007


More Links for 2007-12-12

  • Speaking of authorization
    Jackson Shaw talks about the need for having an authorization czar at Microsoft. This question should be extended to Oracle, Sun and EMC as well. From what I can tell, Oracle has informally appointed Mark Wilcox, Sun has John Domeninchini while I have no clue about EMC.

  • Getting involved with JBI
    Serge Blais of Sun talks about how JBI could converge with XACML. I would if folks that are working on ServiceMix and MuleESB are also following this important step? Would be curious to understand if Sonic and BEA will take the same approach?

  • Identity Oracle: Does it make sense?
    Eric Norman comments that the examples for an identity oracle don't make much business sense and reacts to postings by Bob Blakely and Kim Cameron. Eric is spot on with his closing remarks.

  • Update from ConferenceLand
    It is intriguing that many folks in the identity community still don't appreciate the value of XACML while the ECM, BPM and CRM vendors continue to ignore the problem space because it is either too difficult to undo their suboptimal product designs and/or they aren't working on it because it isn't a new product offering. Luckily Gunnar Peterson and enterprises are starting to wakeup. For vendors that fell asleep and could have capitalized on it early, don't worry, the open source community will do your job for you.

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