Sunday, December 16, 2007


Links for 2007-12-16

  • Ignore Gartner
    This blogger doesn't feel that Gartner has a great value proposition. I wonder how widely held this belief is?

  • How I gained 5lbs in one week
    Ramit Sethi loves making bets with delusional people

  • Hey Johannes Ernst Delivered
    I would like to declare that enterprises do care about user-centric approaches as they change the potential for third-parties to charge exorbitant rates for being an identity provider in a traditional federated approach.

  • ECM: Catch the Wave
    Alfresco is on Forrester's Wave but not Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Nuxeo didn't appear on either. I wonder what this means?

  • Open Source Economics: Money, metrics and those that work
    Gartner and IDC are predicting an increase in open source sales which is bad news as enterprises will continue to believe they can have their cake and eat it too when they need to figure out how to participate.

  • UK Airline Terror Plot Suspect Escapes from Jail
    Rashid Rauf, who was arrested on suspected links to plot to blow up airliners flying between the U.S. and Britain, escapes from Pakistani custody.

  • America's Death by a thousand cuts
    Today, America bleeds to death by a thousand cuts. We’re bleeding from every sector of our society. At some point, the United States of America cannot and will not survive the bleeding. Why? Take a look.

  • Are social networks in business a white elephant or is Gartner's report a red herring?
    Gartner have recently released a report, Three Potential Pitfalls of Corporate Social Networking by Brian Prentice, with the tagline "Investing in social networking solutions from enterprise vendors is no guarantee that users will embrace the technology". You will get the opportunity to pay $195 for a four page report. Sounds like great value to me.

  • Providing a clear point of reference
    I haven't heard about the need for reference architectures between discussed amongst enterprise architects in the blogosphere and wonder what the perspective on them are from noted individuals such as Todd Biske, Nick Malik, Scott Mark and Robert McIlree are? Anyway, here is a good article explaining the concept.

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