Monday, December 10, 2007


Links for 2007-12-10

  • Why Enterprise Software isn't sexy
    Scoble makes an interesting point as to why bloggers don't talk much about enterprise software but leaves out several considerations. For those who work for large enterprises who are also bloggers, enterprisey software vendors make us sign agreements that say that we can't say anything positive or negative without enterprise software vendors permission. Microsoft can't have it both ways.

  • Open Information Card Wishlist
    The only thing that I would add is to position the GUI for future support of XACML. I assume that Charlie Mortimore has seen...

  • We want the best release possible
    The folks who develop Liferay Enterprise Portal also happen to serve as the best examples of build and deployment architectures in the J2EE space.

  • Healthy tension is the key to success in Enterprise Architecture
    The need for buy-in morphs over time in subtle ways.

  • Enterprise Software Foodfight
    Scoble is taking a good beating on enterprise software. Maybe Nicholas Carr, Michael Krigsman, Ross Mayfield and others will figure out that the ones who have the most opinion on enterprise software are usually those who work in large enterprises and that the better answer may be to attempt to engage them in a dialog vs chattering amongst themselves.

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