Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Links for 2007-12-05

  • How Offshore Outsourcing Failed us
    The director of software systems at Life Time Fitness shares the company's experiences--and struggles--when it attempted to outsource work to a top Indian firm.

  • The Forrester Wave Report, ECM Suites Q4 2007
    Laurence Hart compares Forrester to Gartner. My take is that they both have done harm to the ECM community by not showing Alfresco and Nuxeo on their respective Waves and Quadrants.

  • Please don't steal my focus
    Dialogs that interrupt flow are annoying. I hope Microsoft can figure out a better UI for XP Automatic update.

  • Enterprise Architect Leader = Warrior, Healer, and Tao
    Although Andy Blumenthal doesn't engage in dialogs in the blogosphere and only posts his own thoughts, his insights are worthy of the attention of many.

  • Why was Human Capital left out of the Federal Enterprise Architecture?

    John Zachman, the founder of the way to comprehensively document EA (but not necessarily practice it) left the notion of human capital out. I wonder why?

  • Why do developers contribute to open source?
    It most certainly isn't about money.

  • Reasons why IT sucks
    Bill Barr comments on folks who step in the IT governance.

  • Macehiter Ward-Dutton
    Congrats on hiring Angela Ashenden as she will make a great addition to the team.

  • My EA Classification
    Todd Biske classifies himself. What kind of Enterprise Architect are you?

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