Sunday, December 02, 2007


Links for 2007-12-02

  • myOpenID supports the creation of passwordless accounts
    A system is as secure as its weakest link.I can create an account that can be accessed exclusively by using a personal card. That means that phishers can call me, or pretend to be the myopenid site, until they are blue in the face: by those attack venues they are not going to learn how to sign with the private key that my personal card uses for signing tokens for myopenid.

  • Federated Unauthorization
    Paul Madsen provides an interesting scenario for authorization in a somewhat joking manner. The scenario he outlines is very important within an enterprise context. In the same way that Kim Cameron is running around Microsoft rallying for the need to rationalize identity, I wonder who his peer is for doing something simiilar with authorization?

  • Light Enterprise Architecture
    This material is sorely needed, especially for enterprises that have listened to Project Managers disguised as Enterprise Architects whom via consulting will surely deliver heavyweight approaches.

  • Search Engines and a Document Management Protocol that integrates with XACML
    One of the challenges facing enterprises is how to make available information that is sitting in enterprise silos while at the same time ensuring that the information is seen by those who are approved to see it. As big search engines move into the enterprise, this challenge becomes very important. It is my take that Billy Cripe, Bex Huff and the Oracle crowd will lead the way in closing the gaps in this space with Nuxeo and Alfresco in a close second. The Documentum crowd will be struggling with unmangling the otherwise fugly DFS WSDL.

  • So many paths to Nirvana
    Aside from the usual excuses of budgets, time schedules, or politics, the crux of the problem is not only the crevice that divides software development from the business, but the numerous functional silos that divide the software development organization itself.

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