Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Enterprisey Customers and Vendor Relationship Management

It seems as if many bloggers who are employed by software vendors forget the importance of sucking up to enterprise customers...

Have you talked to an enterprisey customer and asked them their opinion on procuring your software? I bet that they told you they were conservative. Consider for a moment that the vast majority of folks in large enterprises are big marketing suckers who expect high uptime and unjustifiable 24/7 support contracts. Even if you are an open source vendor who doesn't sell licensing, it is in your best interest to sell us support that we don't need at inflated prices.

Ever notice how giddy we get when you pass out trinkets? We will give you our passwords for a coffee mug and will sell our first born for a logo Polo shirt. Enterprisey folks can sometimes behave like silly little creatures but it is important to remember we are also the folks who keep you in business...

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