Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Enterprise Architecture: Pay for Performance and IT Leadership

Bell Curve Compensation is often found in IT shops where the CIO thinks he is king and the person running HR is reminiscent of Ronald...

Pay is a vivid sign of power differences and host of studies suggest that when the difference between the highest and lowest-paid people in a company or team is reduced, a host of good things happen - including improved financial performance, better product quality and enhanced research productivity. Sadly, the idea of reducing pay differences isn't catching on. Despite such findings, the head of IT makes twenty times what the average business analyst makes.

Is your CIO one who can bring himself to reduce the social distance between himself and everyone else in IT? In the United States and other Western countries, we are always pressing to create bigger differences among winner, also-rans and losers, but if you want fewer low performers and better organizational performance - reducing the differences between the hight and lowest-status members of your organization is the way to go...

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