Thursday, December 20, 2007


Enterprise Architecture and Giving Advice

Many people seek out an informed opinion on many subject areas from me yet fail to acknowledge that sometimes advice doesn't work...

The best advice in the world is there is no substitute for experience. The nature of humans is to experiment and experience - even if someone else has done it before and reported back. We want to know what it would be like for us, from our viewpoint. As a species we can not live vicariously. Why is looking at a view so much better when you are then than through a picture? Why does hearing the sound of a real bird feel so much better than listening to a recording? We have to experience to "be" and the more intense the experience the more real we feel.

Within enterprise architecture, sometimes it is important for enterprises to repeat the same mistake of others such as outsourcing to india, focusing on processes such as CMMi instead of people and so on. Someone can tell you how to do something but until you have done it yourself you don't really understand why.

When you are a newly minted developer, you start off with writing hello world. Experiencing the familiar in a strange environment. It helps us relate what has gone before to where we are now. Enterprise architects need to help others have more experiences with hello world...

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