Saturday, December 01, 2007


Blogosphere and the No Asshole rule

The only thing worse than too much confrontation is no confrontation at all...

Robert McIlree loves this book. I wonder if understood the case study on Intel where the company teaches employees how to approach bloggers and problems positively, to use evidence and logic and to attack problems and not people?

Be slow to brand people is sage wisdom. First, resist the temptation to apply the label to anyone who annoys you or has a bad moment. If you apply the label to everyone, it means nothing. Second, be slow to brand people because they have a gruff exterior. Some people with the roughest exteriors have the biggest hearts once you get to known them.

Bloggers should be porcupines with hearts of gold. The best way to overcome a negative stereotype of someone is to work on a task with that person that entails mutual and successful cooperation toward some goal...

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