Monday, November 12, 2007


More Links for 2007-11-12

  • Free Ford Mustangs
    Here is an interesting site that discusses how some residents in America can get a free Mustang.

  • Sun Java System Access Manager
    Pat Patterson glows with joy regarding Gartner's Magic Quadrant but of course would never talk about how much of this functionality should be built into J2EE containers. Consider the simple fact that both BEA and JBoss support both SAML and XACML within their containers while Sun doesn't feels like they are leaders in one quadrant while being laggards in another.

  • Chinese Bloggers, we feel your pain!
    Sadly, as we move towards a global model of interaction, America will practice censorship in the name of alignment.

  • Windows Update
    Enterprises need to noodle ways to make their infrastructure more secure and this starts with understanding that the software ecosystem requires more interoperability and integration than is usually discussed.

  • One Hundred Enterprise Architects Meme
    I wonder when someone will start an equivalent of 100 CIOs or 100 Chief Security Architects?

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