Monday, November 12, 2007


More Links for 2007-11-12

  • Why is Azul Failing with such cool technology
    Azul Systems has several things it needs to overcome. First, I bet you didn't know that most J2EE application servers including WebSphere, JBoss, BEA WebLogic and others have fundamental design issues that prevent it from using more than a dozen or so CPUs. I bet you won't learn of this from your friendly neighborhood industry analyst. Furthermore, it takes special skill to write an application that can leverage that many CPUs. Azul Systems will continue to struggle until the industry at large figures out how to design better software.

  • Authenticate against something else, its not that hard people
    It is especially difficult for ECM vendors though.

  • Whats more boring than Human Resources
    I would add discussions in the blogosphere regarding Smalltalk, enterprise architecture processes and CMMI.

  • TJX: Update on Credit Cards and PCI
    TJX has been given until 2009 to get compliant with PCI. Folks have to understand that PCI isn't really about protecting consumers but more about protecting the Visa and Mastercard brands.

  • Barbie is an Identity Provider
    Kim Cameron comments on Barbie. I wonder when he will comment on plans for Active Directory to be an OpenID Identity Provider?

  • 2008: JavaOne call for papers
    The notion of submission doesn't feel right. How come conference chairs are simply inviting folks with compelling topics to present? Is it that folks at Sun have no clue?

  • Software Metrics Don't Kill Projects, Moronic Managers Kill....
    I couldn't have said it better myself!

  • Oracle World
    Bex Huff is off to Oracle Open World. Maybe he could figure out why the word open is in the title?

  • Pluggable Security Architectures
    I wonder if Oracle Fusion supports a similar notion?

  • Nested VM
    NestedVM provides binary translation for Java Bytecode. This is done by having GCC compile to a MIPS binary which is then translated to a Java class file. Hence any application written in C, C++, Fortran, or any other language supported by GCC can be run in 100% pure Java with no source changes.

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