Wednesday, November 07, 2007


More Links for 2007-11-07

  • Ideal Log Management Tool
    The notion of log management isn't discussed much by industry analysts nor magazines but is something that should be on the radar of most enterprise software development firms.

  • Medtronic: Becoming a world-class IT organization
    Not only is finance doing their part, but I hear they have some pretty bright individuals working on their enterprise architecture.

  • Where in the World am I
    Stephen, the next time you travel to St Croix, ping me as I have family there that can show you the better parts. Besides, nothing is better than a meal made by a native.

  • China Bans Bibles at the Olympics
    This blogger doesn't understand that having a set of values and publishing publicly will get him labelled as a racist, especially since his comments are directed at another country.

  • Enterprise Security and Responsibility
    When other bloggers comment on observable weakness, are they doing so simply to get a rise or to get a discussion on the problem space so that the community as a whole can brainstorm solutions?

  • Security Standars for the Country
    It is good to see IT executives leading the charge for standards to be embraced by an entire industry vertical

  • Feeling superior while people starve
    The key may be to leverage one's feeling of superiority by encouraging them to focus on Making Poverty History

  • OSIS User-Centric Identity Interop
    I have been known from time-to-time for giving industry analysts a hard time, but I must give kudos to analysts Gerry Gebel and Bob Blakley of the Burton Group for not just reporting on vendors and their ability to execute but in also helping them become better.

  • Cisco acquires Securent
    The most brilliant Shekhar Jha provides insight into Entitlements management and why it is important to not only Cisco but large enterprises. Software vendors need to pay attention to his message.

  • SmallTalk Video
    James Robertson of Cincom has been busy creating videos on using SmallTalk that are actually really good. I would love to personally see a video on ways to design application authorization and log management as upcoming features. I hope he will honor my request.

  • Java and Ruby
    Here is a great article on how to integrate a Java Swing application with Ruby using NetBeans. I wonder if anyone knows how to integrate Java and Smalltalk?

  • Carter and The Devil in the Detail: a mammal’s eye view of industry analysts
    The vast majority of Enterprise Architects in the blogosphere read James Governor's blog and even have him on our blogroll, yet others question the influence he has. What's wrong with this picture?

  • CTO for Hire
    Brenda Michelson is intriguing at many levels. Imagine the thought that someone actually figured out that industry analysts tend to know who are the best and brightest within the IT industry and that they make better recruiters than recruiters.

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