Tuesday, November 06, 2007


More Links for 2007-11-06

  • Do Technologists dream of non-toxic futures?
    Focusing on values over comprehensive documentation is good practice

  • Gung Ho Organization and Enterprise Architecture
    Andy Blumenthal is the Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Planning for the United States Coast Guard. It is good to see that he is doing more than his fair share in terms of bringing the right thinking to our Armed Forces. I encourage others to check out his blog.

  • Bystander Apathy: Discriminatory Enabler
    It is good to see that folks believe it is important to share their thoughts with others so as to not be a bystander. The blogosphere is an interesting place where perception management is even harder to control where no conversation lasts more than any particular entry. Luckily, some stand to reason, choose to not be offended and seek a higher moral ground than the masses.

  • Democratizing Architecture Creation
    Aloof Schipperke asks is it possible that self-directed learners could become the norm, rather than the exception? In my tiny little world, I would like to think that this is reality today and that the only impediment is in having the right compensation systems and IT executives that appreciate this type of activity from their reports.

  • Sameer Tyagi
    I have known Sameer for almost ten years and he is not only one of the best Architects on the planet but also one of the most human. The funny thing is that I always wanted to apologize for something that has been bothering me for years that I never had the courage to say. Awhile back, when I was less human and solely focused on money, I questioned him on why he contributed to a certain charity. Of course, he was man enough to simply brush it off and didn't throw daggers or find faults. In other words, he chose to be the bigger man. Don't share this with him, but he inspired me to think about charity more than anyone else. He even one upped me by making worthy charities more prominent on his blog than mines...

  • Human rights and wrongs
    History will reflect poorly on those who have exercised their right to remain silent and allow genocide to become pervasive while those who encourage charity are the ones who are considered wrong. When did wrong become the new right? When did we as IT professionals forget about being human and compassionate to each other?

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