Saturday, November 03, 2007


More Links for 2007-11-03

  • Outsourcing as a strategic mission
    Are CIOs irresponsible for only outsourcing to India or should they also consider countries such as Trinidad and Venezuela?

  • Are you looking for a charity case?
    Charity is supposed to be a gift from the heart and not a payoff. I wonder why folks always expect something in return?

  • Future Risks of Knowledge Acquisition
    James Tarbell provides a thoughtful post on why we shouldn't focus on knowledge management

  • India and Charity
    I wonder if folks in Bangalore are more charitable than those in Chennai and Delhi?

  • Young people give back to community
    I wonder why we can't virtualize community giving?

  • Seven Characteristics of Successful Bloggers
    Are bloggers that practice philathropy more successful?

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