Thursday, November 29, 2007


Links for 2007-11-29

  • The Importance of Continual Learning
    Todd Biske has a great post on the notion of continual learning. I surely would hate to interview with him.

  • User Interface Design Patterns
    Good to see that UI folks also are embracing the pattern metaphor. Still awaiting the ECM crowd to step up though.

  • Authorization with OpenSSO's Identity Services
    Great to see that OpenSSO is starting to acknowledge the importance of coarse-grained authorization. The one thing that I would love to see show up in all of the Web Access Management products is CAPTCHA support in that sometimes you need to understand more than just if a user is a directory entry (aka fake authentication) but whether the user is a human.

  • Open Source software: is it really a free lunch?
    Andrew Savory will be discussing this important topic tonight with Microsoft Research and their legal folks. Let's arm him to be successful

  • Think about the bathroom much? You should!
    But have you ever thought about how much a bathroom influences our perception of a place? Instead of focusing on size of cubicle, maybe we need to understand the orientation of stalls?

  • Fear and Enterprise Initiatives
    Mike Kavis has been busy researching enterprise initiatives and has some interesting conclusions to share.

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