Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Links for 2007-11-27

  • Technical Excellence
    In many professional businesses, high technical excellence is taken for granted - we assume that having it is "table stakes" for competing. However, it's not a trivial issue to ask whether and how an enterprise goes about ensuring that its employees in fact meet high standards of technical expertise.

  • How software vendors weaken enterprise security
    We shouldn't throw daggers at software vendors but instead should focus on enterprise architects who exercise their right to remain silent.

  • BPM and the Confused Deputy
    So, what are your thoughts on Business Process Management and Security?

  • Complicated failures: Simple Causes
    Many IT projects fail because participants don’t take steps to fix seemingly-obvious problems. This statistic, if true, means a significant number of companies will experience serious IT failure because they didn’t follow simple, common sense policies.

  • Interesting Statistics on Microsoft Internal IT
    I sure would love to get my hands on the same statistics for GE, Oracle and Intel

  • Ways to distiguish yourself
    When you were just learning to write the alphabets, all you had to do to get an applause from people around you was to write the alphabets correctly. Those were the rules of the game. When you moved to school, the rules changed almost without notice. You could not get an applause just by reciting or writing the alphabets. The same phenomema is also occuring in corporate America.

  • Making yourself recruitable
    Something that practitioners of enterprise architecture need to noodle.

  • Identifying Training Objectives
    Given a list of performance objectives for a task, the training objectives for the task can be developed. The training objective states the expected performance of the individual at the end of training.

  • Will the real IT security professional please stand up?
    I wonder how Security Monkey, Shawn Rohrbach, Tom Olzak, Dave Keays, Abhishek Singh, Mark Tordoff, Brock Frary, Vic Bhatia, Lou Bolanis and Lee Whitfield would classify themselves using this definition?

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