Sunday, November 25, 2007


Links for 2007-11-25

  • Services and Volatility
    I hope others chime in as to ways to reduce volatile SOAs

  • What is a good definition of ECM?
    Interesting to see that there are many definitions of what ECM is? I wonder how Craig Randall, Bex Huff, Laurence Hart and Jesse Wilkins would alter it?

  • Open Source Farming
    When IT concepts transcends...

  • Getting Hijacked Running Windows
    The most amazing part is not that the commercial software is so bad, but that so many people don’t appreciate just how bad it is. Then again, few people know that not only is free and open-source software often much better than the commercial counterparts, it can be had at no cost.

  • John Howard, facing * defeat
    I have zero clue as to who this guy is but the pictures in his blog are similar to mines.

  • Requirements for community funding of open source
    Should large enterprises continue to use open source without figuring out ways to contribute? The notion of financial donations is interesting at some level but would be a challenge in that no check gets cut unless it is attached to a purchase order.

  • Tracking the emergence of open source community governance
    If you haven't read the blog of Alex Fletcher of Entiva, you should. His statement: For commercial open source vendors, this fact changes the dynamics of what it means to meet the needs of stakeholders. Since customers often begin their open source experience as community members, or at least users, ensuring that the community's needs are being considered is paramount. Many Enterprise Architects don't blog themselves but otherwise are savage in lurking. They sit back in stealth mode and observe the conversations (or lack of). Before they are willing to make an investment in open source, they need to understand how the community will either support them or ignore them. Don't just listen to your customers especially if you are an open source vendor, listen to those who could become customers as well...

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