Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Links for 2007-11-20

  • Why are you working overtime?
    The primary driver for increased hours nowadays is outsourcing to India. Having to have the same conversation multiple times due to geographic considerations will make anyones work day longer.

  • Hiring Women
    Don Box talks about the difficulty of finding women in IT. One side of the argument says that his thinking is wrong and he needs to observe the modern distorted definition of diversity. Personally, I am of the belief that he is practicing diversity and doing the right thing by ensuring a mix along the lines of gender. IT simply needs more women and us men should do our parts to make this reality.

  • QCon Conference
    Gunnar Peterson made an interesting comment in saying that QCon has useful stuff produced everytime and it is noticeably absent of the its perfect or its broken crowd. I wonder which industry analysts he is referring to?

  • Securent and Cisco
    I like Mark O'Neills humor regarding company names. Anyway, I hope he will talk more about XACML in upcoming blogs and give other vendors in this space something to noodle.

  • OpenSSO and Liferay
    I wonder if I could ask Pat Patterson to work with Bex Huff of Stellent, John Newton of Alfresco and Craig Randall of Documentum to also incorporate? After all, the portal guys always lead in terms of modern software architecture while ECM tends to lag...

  • NSS is FIPS 140-2 level 2 validated
    NSS is the only open source crypto library that is validated to level 2 (the highest available certification for software)

  • TechEd: Developer 2007 Security Track
    Have you noticed that neither Oracle Open World nor the upcoming RSA conference have any notion of teaching secure software development to its attendees? Once again Microsoft wins.

  • Robin Wilton of Sun
    Good to see that Robin isn't afraid of listing worthy charities on the blog. I wonder how many other Sun bloggers also will step up and follow Robin's lead?

  • America with its balls cut off
    It is intriguing that there are so few corporate America IT bloggers that speak transparently. Yakov Fain is one of them. I suspect his blog may spook the process orientation out of most enterprise architects.

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