Monday, November 19, 2007


Links for 2007-11-19

  • Aspect-Oriented Programming and Security
    This may be a way for ECM vendors to add security to their otherwise insecure platforms

  • Why PCI isn't enough to ensure data security today?
    I wonder when the conversation emerges from folks who already think PCI is too much will occur?

  • The One Hundred Enterprise Architects Meme
    It is interesting to know that Enterprise Architects are interested in networking with each other and having a conversation without vendors present. I would panic if I were a software vendor or industry analyst if this grew too big.

  • Local Illegal Aliens offended by truth!
    In my humble opinion, the world would be a better place if more folks felt offended.

  • China is stealing American prosperity
    ts bad enough we have Big Business bastards outsourcing their own mothers to China but now they are over here actually stealing our technology...

  • $200 oil if US attacks Iran
    Maybe folks will understand why we need to Stop the Bushitler if described in economic terms. I wonder if Hugo Chavez understands that war in Iran may also impede trade between US and India. It will minimally have an effect on outsourcing

  • From a developer point of coding
    Developers don't matter, only aligning with the business. After all, IT exists to deliver valuable working software which can't be done without Overemphasis on process

  • Red Hat to launch virtual appliance OS in 2008
    This is a sign that vendors such as rPath are in trouble.

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