Saturday, November 17, 2007


Links for 2007-11-17

  • Career Buzz Killers - Worst Jobs
    It is sad to know that our Federal Government is the number one employer with WalMart taking the number two slot.

  • Open source to hit $22 billion by 2010
    There are several problems with measuring growth of open source via revenue numbers as it makes the focus all about software vendors and not the real open source opportunities that will emerge when large enterprises within their own vertical start solving vertical specific problems collectively.

  • Aid for American Soldiers not outsourcing havens
    Here is a blogger ranting about how America can be too broke to pay for veterans aid and care but not too poor to send millions to Bangladesh to give to individuals affected by the recent cyclone which hit Bangladesh. Regardless if individuals in Bangladesh have made millions in outsourcing, they simply aren't sharing as individuals are not encouraged to be charitable by their employers. If you look at India, the vast majority of charitable acts occur via employers with no individual taking direct responsibility nor personally giving. In a scan of the blogosphere, you will also notice that the vast majority of folks from India don't even have enough courage to talk about charity...

  • Defending Enterprise Content Management
    Laurence Hart shares a thoughtful posting on how ECM + SOA = ECM 2.0 and mentions how EMC should continue to extend DFS without mentioning why this is a bad idea. ECM is a participant in an SOA, but is not the main actor. Retrieve a document is not a process but is simply a substep in a larger process such as pay a claim and the horrific design of DFS should be revisited. Pretty much everyone understands that services should be stateless, yet in the WSDL there is a notion of a session ID. This is simply fugly.

  • Liferay Integration with OpenSSO
    It is a good thing to see two open source projects from fundamentally different organizations seamlessly interoperating with each other. Something that is more difficult to achieve in closed source models.

  • Driving SOA
    Todd Biske discusses the notion of VP of SOA as outlined by Jason Bloomberg and David Linthicum as hogwash and is correct in stating that this role already exists under the title of Chief Architect. Mike Kavis also mentions that enterprise architects need more responsibility and decision making power. It is good to see real enterprise architects keeping the hype of industry analysts in check.

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