Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Links for 2007-11-14

  • It's not the government stupid
    Did you know that Indian Outsourcing firms don't pay income taxes?

  • Infocards and SSL Termination
    Rohan Pinto asks about a popular deployment of SSL Load balancers in large enterprises and how it will work with CardSpace. To date, the conversation regarding user-centric identity has been consumerish. Now its time to get down to business.

  • Documentum Opens Up (Not)
    I wonder how folks such as Laurence Hart see this playing out for his practice?

  • Five Ways to move beyond Conventional Wisdom
    Independent thought is pretty rare these days, partly because those who think differently are ridiculed and if your last name happens to be McGovern, you are periodically taken out to the woodshed...

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