Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Links for 2007-11-13

  • The War on the Unexpected
    The security professionals failed completely on 9/11. The only effective Americans on that day were the security amateurs. The shoe bomber was stopped by amateurs before the professionals deployed any million dollar sniffers or had us all walking in our socks through airports. Does this remind you of how large enterprises work?

  • Pair programming and productivity
    The University of Utah study in 2000 found as much as an 86% reduction in defects, with an increase of initial coding time of between 0% and 15%, as compared with two people working individually to produce the same quantity of code. How come more Enterprise Architects aren't attempting to overrule their process weenie CIOs and encourage this practice?

  • Calling Rapist Hispanic is Racist
    While offtopic in terms of my blog, this is a predictor of how political correctness and inclusion may backfire.

  • A warning to CIOs on Survival
    Lora Bentley believes If you’re not using open source or at least contemplating its use in your organization in the near future, “you should be fired.”. My belief is that your job being outsourced while the ones you already moved offshore come back on would be a much better form of justice.

  • Is there too much talk about EA Process?
    Maybe we could turn this into a challenge for other bloggers to put a ban on blogging about process for the next thirty days. This would remind me of alcoholics anonymous.

  • Outstanding Questions regarding BPEL and ESB
    It would be interesting to hear from participants from the Intalio, Pega, Lombardi and jBPM communities.

  • Docstoc.com: Find and share professional documents
    Finally, a site more useful than the usual dribble of industry analysts babbling about social networking. The ability to share documents amongst the community in a creative commons way is compelling.

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