Saturday, November 10, 2007


Links for 2007-11-10

  • Dell Computer Corporate Officers and Directors Email Addresses
    I suspect that many Dell employees will spend a lot of time on Monday managing email.

  • Want to shine as a Business Analyst?
    The role of business analyst is important and more than just creation of comprehensive documentation.

  • Fog: The Open Source Equivalent of Norton Ghost
    Fog is a basic computer imaging solution for Windows XP and Vista that ties together a few open-source tools with a php-based web interface.

  • The Growing IDM Suite
    Mark Diodati provides insight into CA Netegrity Siteminder yet doesn't talk to the community that CA has worked so hard to build behind the scenes. Bet you didn't know that CA makes tons of sample code available free of charge demonstrating cool ways to extend the Siteminder platform. Now the only trick is to find it.

  • Hesitation from Relying Parties
    I wonder if Ashish understands that even when multiple customers ask for functionality from vendors, it still may not result in a change of priority for many vendors.

  • I just donated money ($50) to Wikipedia
    Good to see that folks are becoming more open in terms of talking about charitable acts.

  • How Design Impacts Security
    Sadly, the security community only writes books on secure coding. Maybe someone needs to step up and write a book on designing secure software?

  • We Used to Worry About Security Appliance Sprawl - Now It's Endpoint Security Software Sprawl!
    We need to push for an approach to an ecosystem that allows devices that have visibility to our data and the network that interconnects them to tap this messaging bus and either enact a disposition, describe how to, and communicate appropriately when we do so.

  • What do Project Managers, Software Architects, and Software Process Engineers have in common? Some say‚Ķ Unnecessary Overhead
    Don't folks understand that unnecessary overhead has been rebranded as governance?

  • Five Reasons it sucks to be a web developer
    I wonder if it would be politically correct for me to outline five reasons of why it sucks to be an enterprise architect?

  • The Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture
    My book is being bootlegged again by offshore outsourcing firms. Maybe this is a good thing?

  • The Enterprise SOA Manifesto
    Self-reflection and evaluation by those practicing SOA is like trying to figure out the correlation between World Series and the price of tea in China

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