Thursday, November 08, 2007


Links for 2007-11-08

  • rPath and Software Appliances
    Gerrit Huizenga comments on building software appliances. My thinking says that the best way to build an appliance would be to leverage VMWare and figure out ways to avoid installing an operating system. Approaches such as BEA's LiquidVM feel like a good approach. Hopefully, folks in IBM and EMC can provide public guidance on writing applications on top of VMWare and Hypervisors and not using an OS at all.

  • Question For Software Project Management Academics
    Let's see if others can help make project management into a discipline and move beyond PMBOK

  • IT Professionals
    Does anyone else in the blogosphere have a problem with the fact that IT has way too many males? Indian outsourcing is making this problem worse. How come we can't change our Visa policy to only allow long-haired ladies from India to work here and keep the guys at home.

  • More self-issued stuff
    Dave Kearns points out weaknesses in Jeff Bohren's blog regarding claims. If you are following the user-centric discussion, this is worth a read.

  • What's wrong with an independent BEA?
    Haven't you heard that Oracle Fusion is having a meltdown? The notion of a common framework to be used throughout all product lines is noble but challenging. RSA is going down this same path but also has ran into internal challenges. Luckily, BEA has a better approach that either of these companies if smart would be wise to purchase. My bet though is that HP will get a clue.

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