Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Links for 2007-11-07

  • Instance Based Security
    Anil Saldhana is looking for assistance in terms of XACML enabling a non-J2EE application. The best advice I can give him is to take a look at the source code for JBoss and borrow it since it is open source. Reality though says that folks from Securent, Oracle, RSA, Jericho Systems and BEA need to understand that if XACML is to be successfully incorporated into products that aren't security-oriented such as ECM, ERP, CRM and BPM that an 100% open source implementation needs to exist. Maybe Anil could look towards Sun maturing its reference implementation?

  • When IT resists Open Source
    I wonder if this blogger understands that much of the resistance would disappear if industry analysts stopped justifying existing practices and started putting open source products on the same level playing field as commercial proprietary products in their Quadrants and Waves.

  • The Magic (of) Quadrants
    This blogger refers to the Quadrant as a money shot, unfortunately sometimes it is premature.

  • Documentum ECM Platform
    Curious to know if Documentum is the only platform that needs acceleration?

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