Sunday, November 04, 2007


Links for 2007-11-04

  • Why Have Process?
    The purpose of process is to prevent work from being accomplished. Now I know why most Enterprise Architects who talk about process are having a hard time understanding how to align with the business.

  • Policy Driven Security
    Phil Schacter of the Burton Group is smart. Now if he could convince Anne Thomas Manes and others within Burton to start quizzing those ECM/BPM vendors such as Pega, Lombardi, Documentum, Stellent, Alfresco and others as to why they are so behind the times when it comes to modernizing the security within their product, there would be many happy customers.

  • On Toilet Paper and Cultural Differences
    JP Rangaswami comments on being from Calcutta but doesn't know that others in the blogosphere understand his aloneness. How often do you think I run across a speaker with my background at industry conferences? How many Enterprise Architects have I met like me?

  • Selling Web 2.0 by doing Web 2.0
    Of course if an Enterprise Architect wanted to be successful, he would in this situation have to come from a technical background

  • Uruguay, a Hot destination for IT Outsourcing!
    Many CIOs have strategies to reduce risk by moving much of their offshoring activities away from India towards South America which I think is a wise move.

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