Friday, November 02, 2007


Links for 2007-11-02

  • CIO Magazine and Open Source
    Esther Schindler wrote a wonderful article on Alfresco and marketing of open source.

  • ECM Standards for SOA
    I find it intriguing that vendors throw daggers at standards they don't want to invest in while customers are openly and passionately asking vendors to create more. There is nothing more at odds than the ECM space. Bex Huff being employed by Oracle at least has courage to comment while folks from EMC tend to remain more silent on the issue especially when the discussion is all about standards they need to create vs ones that they have already embraced.

  • Identity Management in a big organization
    I wonder what would happen if word got out that identity management is starting to collapse in many large enterprises, would Jeff Bohren, Mark Dixon and Nishant Kaushik comment or exercise their right to remain silent?

  • Working at a distance is hard
    Yes, the reason that all the agile methodologies recommend colocation is that it is hard but folks such as Martin Fowler believe that it is less hard than being patriotic and keeping more jobs in America.

  • Does packaged software always provide an advantage in IT?
    Why do folks think they can call up Gartner and choose products on the Magic Quadrant, practice management by magazine and so on and still think that this will result in competitive advantage?

  • Difference between knowing programming and knowing syntax
    Teaching syntax is vital to the survival of India outsourcing so stop attacking it.

  • Is crackdown on illegals working?
    Everyone has their opinion, but the fact remains that the amount of illegals is increasing.

  • Is this how the Boston RedSox won the World Series?

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