Thursday, November 01, 2007


Links for 2007-10-01

  • How Industry Analysts weaken enterprise security
    I wonder if CIO magazine has enough courage to discuss problems with industry analyst research or is InformationWeek the only magazine with enough integrity to uncover this problem?

  • Macrovision DRM security exposure
    I am happy and amused when security oriented companies don't actually practice Secure Coding especially when their business model is all about preventing community interactions.

  • Information Cards and Security
    Jeff Bohren missed an opportunity to provide his perspective on Claims based model for AuthZ and why identity alone isn't sufficient in most B2B scenarios. Maybe he could share his personal opinion on XACML and how to get other software vendors to pay more attentin to it

  • Active Directory role in Linux Authentication
    This is a good article that should be amplified by Microsoft bloggers. What they failed to mention is that the Linux community needs to figure out how to get daemons that don't use PAM to also bind to AD. For example, when using FTP, you need to replace the daemon which one that is AD aware.

  • No Java 6 in Leopard
    When will users of Apple products realize that they are using a second-class platform.

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