Monday, November 26, 2007


Even More Links for 2007-11-26

  • Virtualization Detection
    Security within a virtualized environment hasn't been deeply discussed in the blogosphere. It is not possible to implement effective kernel protection on any general purpose OS based on monolithic kernel design and requires fundamental changes in approach.

  • The Holy Grail and Botnets
    UWM's Paul Barford has developed technology (called "Nemean") to automatically identify botnet traffic. This could be immensely useful and I encourage security folks to pay attention to this.

  • Reverse Net Neutrality
    ESPN ttempts to block subscribers arriving from an ISP who is not a subscriber. Essentially, they are trying to replicate the cable subscription model (get your ISP to pony up money so that you can see this stuff) only on the web. ontent providers (Google, Yahoo, BBC, and evidently ESPN) believe that users want their content more than their content wants the users. And so, a new battle is begun. Who has more leverage: the pretty pictures or the glassy eyeballs?

  • A Vision for Unified Rules and Processes
    The all wise James Taylor believes that this is a bad idea. BPM tools traditionally focus on state management, allowing long-running processes to be safely persisted and “rehydrated” based on some system event. Most rule-based products offer relatively little in the way of long-lived state and transaction management, concentrating instead on the automation of “point in time” decisions.Some vendors combine them while others tend to stay pure play. I bet your favorite neighborhood industry analyst won't be able to provide consistent guidance on which is more important.

  • Service Provisioning via SPML in SOA
    Industry guru Gunnar Peterson talks about why everyone is so amped on identity. I would appreciate his insights on whether CRM, ECM and BPM vendors equally also don't care about SPML since it is closer in nature to the current identity hype cycle.

  • PhishTank Annual Report
    The PhishTank annual report presents some interesting statistics including the most spoofed brands, phishes by Country and top domains.

  • Is Corporate Giving Dead or Just Sleeping?
    Many will lament on the decline of corporate giving but few will actually speak up about it.

  • Illogical Arguments in the name of Alan Turing
    t is possible to arrive at true conclusions based on flawed premises and inferences. However, such arguments are inherently flawed because, for an argument to be logical and rational, the premises and inferences must deduce to the conclusion.

  • OpenPTK Configuration
    Derrick Harcey discusses the OpenPTK provisioning tag library as a way to add user provisioning services to a java application. I wonder if this would make a good addition to Liferay Enterprise Portal? I will ping Brian Chan and get his thoughts.

  • Encouraging Philanthropy at a Young Age: Teaching Your Kids To Give To Causes
    Another blogger that is doing her part to make poverty history...

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