Thursday, October 11, 2007


Why most CIOs suck...

I bet I know two things about your CIO that you are afraid to admit in public...

Has your CIO outsourced jobs to second class countries and got a big bonus for making being less patriotic than others? Did he/she rationalize his justification by taking about the global economy while ignoring local communities? I bet you can't name a single instance of a charitable act they have committed nor rallied others to participate in. For the record, the CIO rallying charities that his/her boss thinks is important doesn't count.

I recently learned of the fact that one of the top CIOs in the industry is retiring this year. If you work for Capital One, you are probably trembling in your shoes for whoever follows as it is difficult to imagine a CIO better than Gregor Bailar.

Bet you didn't know that when he retires, he will do more than just play golf and travel? Bet you didn't know that he plans on pursuing philanthropic interests with his wife and they will collectively focus on two big areas: poverty and environmental responsibility. I bet your CIO won't step up to what is really important...

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