Saturday, October 13, 2007


Twisted Perspectives on Content Management

I figured I would analyze yet another twisted perspective held by folks in the insular thinking ECM domain...

Brian Huff responded to several questions I asked awhile back and I truly hope that others within the world of ECM don't think this way.

I still have to figure out why folks in the ECM world are the only ones who think they have unique performance requirements? I wonder if Brian understands that other Oracle products have externalized AuthZ via XACML and aren't running into performance issues. Do folks in Oracle actually talk to each other? Ignoring this for a moment, products such as BEA WebLogic Portal also make far more AuthZ decisions than any ECM system is likely do ever do and it has no problems scaling. If the issue is lack of knowledge within the ECM domain related to security, then simply say so, but don't speculate that performance will suffer like the dickens as this simply isn't true.

It is now becoming clearer that folks at Stellent are pretty insular in their thought patterns. I wonder if they understand that SOA is all about disparate technologies being able to participate in a business transaction. Have you ever been within a large enterprise? Ever heard of those big boxes called mainframes? Have you ever considered how many SOAs still depend on the mainframe to participate as a first-class citizen? Maybe you could tell me how a mainframe could participate in JSON? I can tell you how it can participate with SOA and REST. The mainframe is one example, but I suspect you know that more exist.

What would it take for you to move away from if and towards figuring out how to actually step up and lead the creation of one. Are you waiting for folks over at Documentum or Alfresco to take the lead?

I suspect that for every person you have ran across that hates software standards, I can identify ten who have vendors who don't implement standards.

What would you think about the idea of writing an ECM patterns book together? Maybe we could get Laurence Hart, Craig Randall and Alan Pelz-Sharpe to be co-authors...

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