Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Thoughts on Business and IT Alignment

Since the eden of IT, it has always been about automation and was designed around the needs of the business at the expense of people...

What else could folks in IT truly do to serve the business better? IT was never about 40 hours and is trending towards disrupting work/life balance. Is alignment really about perception management and making mediocrity feel disciplined? Do those thinly veiled Powerpoint presentations serve to create a mutually beneficial dialog or encourage more of a one-way conversation?

Maybe IT could better align with the business by figuring out as the business becomes more global and the line blurs between IT that supports the business and IT that drives the business. In my opinion, what is going to define what the business does in the next five to ten years is more about innovation in the tools that folks use and the environments folks work in. Innovation requires focus on people over processes. Hopefully all the process weenies won't get it twisted when reality hits them smack in the face...

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