Wednesday, October 03, 2007


SOA, Conferences and India

I put myself under more pressure than I need to. I stayed up all night attempting to sketch out ideas for my upcoming speaking engagement in India as I wanted to make a great first impression on folks there who will pay a lot of money to hear me speak on the topic of SOA.

As an attendee to conferences, I really hate when the speakers who are from software vendors present a thinly veiled sales presentation disguised as information sharing. Luckily, they will be spared this pain as I have nothing to sell. Likewise, I am equally annoyed with IT executives who stand on stage and provide a status of all of the wonderful things they are doing within their enterprise. At some level, the notion of indexing is important but I feel it is more important that folks be able to build successful SOAs which means that the focus should be more on architecture and less on process.

So, instead of me beating myself up, maybe folks in India could provide suggestions as to what they would like to hear from an American who will be presenting in their country on the topic of SOA?

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