Friday, October 05, 2007


More Links for 2007-10-05

  • Real world Open Source Solutions
    Mike Kavis believes that others should help spread the word that open source isn't just about Linux. Maybe Mike could talk about where folks get their information, such as all those advertising dollars paid by barely open source vendors and their outsourced PR departments otherwise known as industry analysts.

  • Portal Platforms: Liferay Portal
    No matter how good Liferay Portal is, you can always find an enterprise architect that will overpay for a commercial closed source portal that has less functionality.

  • The Matt Asay Watch
    Matt Asay is a good person and the only thing that I wish he wouldn't do is sell his soul by attempting to convince others that a company can be open source when they don't make all of their source code available.

  • What an enterprise architect needs to know
    Adrian Grigoriu has way too much integrity to be blogging. In reality, the only thing you need to know is Microsoft PowerPoint and the art of polishing turds. Treating it like a discipline in most corporations is not required.

  • A Guide to Open Source Analysis
    Many IT executives are busy planning their 08 budgets and on their radar is the desire to procure additional industry analyst insight.

  • Who's killing SOA
    I wonder if Mike Kavis understands the simple truth that most enterprise architects don't actually know other enterprise architects in other enterprises. Many of us are insular in nature.

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