Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Links for 2007-10-16

  • XACML finally ready for primetime?
    I suspect that folks in the ECM domain will hold onto their non fact based insular perspectives and be the last to implement a thoughtful security model within their products

  • I'm really skeptical about this use case
    Jeff Bohren doesn't believe in the notion of an Identity Oracle. How about a scenario of a single guy asking: Am I more compatible with Paris Hilton, Beyonce or Juhi Chawla?

  • Enterprise Architects vs Business Architects
    I have a big problem with folks in insulting firms suggesting that enterprise architects can't do business architecture. Imagine walking into a large enterprise that still leverages mainframes and has applications that were written in COBOL 30 years ago. The simple fact is that there are many IT folks that understand more about the business than the business. The real issue at hand is that folks on the outside need to understand the difference between being an enterprise architect and offering as a consultant enterprise architecture services.

  • How Industry Analysts weaken enterprise security
    Please add the following industry analysts to the list of those who will exercise their right to remain silent on weakening security: Emily Green, Lyn Robison, Karen Hobert, James Kobielus, Jon Oltsik, Daniel Sholler, Jonathan Eunice, Michael Osterman and Nick Selby

  • Smalltalk: Still a second class citizen?
    Has anyone ever noticed that SmallTalk is the only language that doesn't have support for XACML, OpenID or CardSpace? I know that part of this is driven by demand which may mean that Smalltalker's aren't paying attention to modern trends?

  • Ruby on Rails is Insecure
    I wonder if folks in the Ruby community have ever considered scanning their codebase using tools from OunceLabs, Coverity or Fortify Software?

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