Saturday, October 13, 2007


Links for 2007-11-13

  • IBM and Oracle are weakening your security
    Jackson Shaw is brilliant in saying that IBM and Oracle should directly within their database products bind to Active Directory and this requires more than LDAP. He advocates Kerberos which I agree with but why should it stop there. How come Oracle 11g can't leverage SAML? I bet Nishant Kaushik, Thomas Kyte or Vivek Sharma won't comment...

  • Talk Saves Lives
    If every blogger instead of choosing to exercise their right to remain silent and instead spent just five minutes talking about poverty to one or two other individuals, poverty would be eliminated. Most folks though who get it twisted could be guilty of reading into my thoughts and believe that I am in support of rock concerts that consume vast amounts of energy and cause pollution in order to raise environmental awareness. Talking to each other about poverty especially when the problem is local doesn't require expending any additional energy and is way more environmentally friendly than what others have proposed.

  • The real meaning of enterprise architect
    Does anyone have a better definition?

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