Monday, October 29, 2007


Links for 2007-10-29

  • The Layman's Manifesto
    I wonder if Jason Yip understands that there is a better chance of solving world peace than this happening in large enterprises

  • Better Products Bootstrap
    Another blogger who got it twisted in thinking that folks in Fortune enterprises don't actually ask their vendors to write secure code. Maybe the issue is that vendors don't want others to know that we are asking? After all, it may require them to actually fix something with current versions vs focusing on creation of new insecure products we don't actually need.

  • Olive Farming in Palestine
    I wonder if lovers of Israel will amplify this story or instead prefer to exercise their right to remain silent?

  • Going to Oracle OpenWorld
    I wonder if Vinnie Mirchandani will ask folks at Oracle to rename their conference to Oracle Not-So-Open-in-reality-lovers-of-closed-everything world

  • Below, is a funny video for folks who love to use Powerpoint in presentations...

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