Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Links for 2007-10-24

  • IT Security - an Industry out of control
    I wonder what Gunnar was thinking when he suggested that focusing on the latest firewall features wasn't a good idea and that security requires a shift in mindset? Doesn't he understand that security spending is primarily driven with Management by Magazine and it is not in the best interest of industry analysts nor software vendors to tell the whole truth?

  • Nuxeo ECM adds REST Support
    ECM industry analysts in the United States such as Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Nick Patience and others need to spend time providing coverage for this most wonderful product. Folks such as Bex Huff, Laurence Hart and Craig Randall don't have anything to worry about as neither Gartner nor Forrester will show open source products next to their equivalent closed source offerings in quadrants and waves.

  • Secure Coding Advocacy Group
    I wonder if James Governor of Redmonk is providing his insight on companies in London who are forming an industry organization to develop and share best practices practical considerations for secure software development. On one hand, it is good to see that Sun, IBM, BEA and Oracle are participating, yet on another hand this initiative ignores the Fortune 500. Anyway, I wonder why folks from EMC, BMC, CA and HP are missing in action?

  • Thoughts on IT and Business Alignment
    IT is how modern business does business, IT will tell you whether your good idea is a flyer or that your wasting time, but if your IT department can't honestly tell you that you have a sick IT department that needs healing then you have a different problem...

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