Monday, October 22, 2007


Links for 2007-10-22

The Company EA is on Line Two
Jordan commented on my blog regarding the recruitment of enterprise architects in telecommuting capacities. While I held back on the name of the company, I can tell you that this particular enterprise does do lots of telecommuting. They even let many of their employees attend Tulsa Tech Fest. Maybe, the conversation should be around what initiatives should enterprise architects strategize about related to telecommuting. After all, if we can outsource to India, why shouldn't we be allowed to work from home?
IBM, BMC and Oracle and the lack of support for Active Directory
Does it really matter if Microsoft Active Directory isn't 100% standards compliant if 499 of the Fortune 500 have it? Vendors, your customers need out of the box integration and not babbling conversations about what is wrong with your competition...
  • Sacred Cow Gored? Check!
    I wonder if the sacred cow is all those enterprise folks who spend way too much time listening to industry analysts and not actually talking to each other?

  • Nailing Powerpoint and Presentations
    Isn't it sad at some level that Enterprise Architects spend way too much time focusing on Powerpoint?

  • 19 Eponymous laws of software development
    Here is a posting you need to email to others...

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