Thursday, October 18, 2007


Links for 2007-10-18

  • The Consulting Game
    Learn how consultants bill for more hours than they should. Not sure if this isn't done by employees who also telecommute?

  • The Growing IDM Suite
    I wonder if Burton Group believes that someone should create an open source offering in the identity management provisioning space? I doubt it would be Sun or Oracle.

  • Further Details on Evaluating EA Processes
    I wonder if there isn't an opportunity to evaluate EA processes and what is the cause and effect on people?

  • Open Source C Library for CardSpace Relying Parties
    I wonder if this is an opportunity for Craig Randall to embed CardSpace into Documentum?

  • Red Hat passes 1000 vulnerabilities
    I wonder if the folks over at Microsoft have enough courage to amplify this blog entry? I wonder if they have even more courage to help the Linux community write better code?

  • Defining ECM 2.0
    For the record, I have never witnessed any of my industry peers that actually have enterprise content management. For now, we are only doing content management. I wonder where the E disappeared to?

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