Friday, October 12, 2007


Links for 2007-10-12

  • Will Oracle ever directly bind to Active Directory
    Mark Wilcox is probably one of the few employees of Oracle that could understand why Oracle databases directly binding to Active Directory would be a more secure deployment strategy than using simple constructs such as LDAP. Maybe I will be lucky enough for him to share his opinions in this regard.

  • Software's Aging Leaders
    So what if IT is getting older. Do we think that the age drain can be solved simply by outsourcing to second class countries such as India at the expense of delivering high quality?

  • Oracle OCI
    If I were Microsoft, I would consider blogging on the fact that SQL Server TDS protocol is an open specification and has been so for years, where as Oracle's equivalent of OCI isn't. Please remind me of which company is more community oriented?

  • Secure Messaging with S/MIME
    I wonder if folks at Gartner will ever recommend to large enterprises that they should move away from using PGP, Tumbleweed, etc and use standards-based approaches to encrypting email?

  • Have you stopped beating your customer?
    Customers sometimes get used to the beating and demand more of it.

  • Managed Spamming Appliances
    I wonder if Gartner has a magic quadrant for spam generation?

  • OLS 2007
    I wonder if Elena Zannoni of Oracle could share her thoughts in an upcoming blog entry why Oracle hasn't actually contributed much to GNU/Linux. I have probably donated more code to Linux than all Oracle employees combined.

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